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Reliability Tips: The layers of root cause

Reliability Tips: The layers of root cause

How often is the phrase "The ROOT Cause of the problem" used at your plant/mill? This phrase is a bit symptomatic of how Root Cause Analysis is thought of. The phrase implies that there is only one "cause" to the problem. Rarely is there a single root cause to any given problem. Usually, there are several reasons; to be sure there are several "technical causes" that interact to create a breakdown/failure.

Blogs - Torbjörn Idhammar

Maintenance Management - Defining, Clarifying "Reliability"

Maintenance Management - Defining, Clarifying

The purpose of this column is to raise questions and challenge plant leadership on strategy, vision and execution of reliability and maintenance management. Since the name of this magazine is Reliable Plant, I think it would be interesting for my first column to challenge you on the meaning of the term "reliability."

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