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NAFTA Renegotiations – Sage advice from my Mom

NAFTA Renegotiations – Sage advice from my Mom

One of the many wise things my Mom always told me is that patience is a virtue. Canada's pulp and paper sector would be wise to heed this sage advice as it looks for certainty from the current tripartite negotiations to modernize the North America Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA).

Blogs - Paul Lansbergen

From Wood Pulp to Super Pulps to Super Clusters

From Wood Pulp to Super Pulps to Super Clusters

Canada has long been an important player and leader in the global forest products industry. I would like to tell our nation's story in three stages of innovation.

Canada's first pulp mill was built over two hundred years ago. Mind you, those early pulp mills used rags instead of trees. But as was recently celebrated by our now former Governor General, David Johnston, and Tom Jenkins, Chairman of OpenText, in their book on Canadian inventions, Charles Fenerty, in 1844 developed a process of making paper from ground wood pulp. As Johnston tells the story, Fenerty was inspired by wasps chewing wood fibres to make their nests. I, myself, try not to get that close to those nests. But the point is, Canada invented wood pulp and became a world leader in newsprint for over a century to come.

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