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Cascades Pro™ Launches New Family of Interfold Napkin Dispensers

Cascades PRO™, a leader in the manufacturing of towel and tissue products, is proud to announce the introduction of three new Cascades PRO Tandem™ Interfold Dispensers including a stand/wall unit, a smaller capacity tabletop unit, and a large capacity countertop unit.

Designed to reduce waste and costs for the foodservice market and any other establishments that handle the preparation, dispensing or consumption of food. These new dispensers are the latest additions to the Cascades PRO Tandem™ family of products.
Cascades PRO Tandem Countertop, Tabletop and Stand/Wall Interfold Napkin Dispensers. (CNW Group/Cascades Inc.)
With Cascades PRO Tandem™ Interfold Dispensers, customers now have the option to choose a dispenser on a stand, in addition to the redesigned tabletop, countertop, and wall units that were previously available. All of the interfold dispensers feature one napkin at a time dispensing, resulting in a 25% reduction in waste compared to traditional napkin dispensers.
"Cascades PRO™ prides itself on providing quality products for every need," said André Daviault, Cascades PRO Marketing Director. "With the new Cascades PRO Tandem™ Interfold Dispensers, we serve our customers with a wider range of reliable waste reducing dispenser options for quick service restaurants, cafeterias, convenience stores, movie theaters and break rooms, amongst others."
Featuring capacities ranging from 200 to 750 napkins, this new line of dispensers caters to a broad range of individual business needs, while the OnDisplay™ customizable window inserts on each unit provide additional advertising opportunities for businesses.
With their sleek design and translucent cover, these dispensers will fit seamlessly into any décor and will make it easy to monitor napkin levels and determine when it's time to reload.
The new dispensers use white and natural Cascades PRO Perform™ napkins made from 100% recycled fiber. These napkins are UL certified and exceed EPA procurement guidelines, providing distributors and end-users alike with a sustainable napkin option.

Source: Cascades

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