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Port Hawkesbury Paper Mill Update

When we restarted the mill over 4 years ago, our goals were simple:
• To make the Port Hawkesbury Paper mill the safest, highest quality, most efficient, lowest cost, most innovative, and environmentally-friendliest paper production      facility in North America
• To sustainably and safely manage the forest resource with which we are entrusted
• To contribute to the economic success of the communities and regions in Nova Scotia where we conduct our business

Recently, a media story may have left the impression that we have changed our focus – this cannot be further from the truth. Our goals and focus remain consistent, and we have continued to invest in and improve paper production every year.

SC paper is our core focus
Our order books for supercalendered paper production are very healthy. Quality, efficiency, and costs continue to improve due to our continued re-investment in the mill. Of particular note, in 2016, we completed over $3.4 million in capital projects to improve and sustain our TMP facility and paper machine with another $1.8 million invested so far in 2017, plus over $1 million for planned maintenance projects in just the past week. Projects ranging from water treatment to upgrades in controls and systems all reflect our ongoing commitment to sustaining the mill for paper production for the long term.

Innovation and research
While paper is our primary mill focus, Port Hawkesbury Paper also recognizes that the mill site is a valuable asset that can be further utilized and contribute to the economic success of the region. The mill has partnered with universities and industry consultants to drive innovation and research to encourage new business development, with the singular goal of strengthening the mill for the long term. And, like nearly every paper mill in North America, Port Hawkesbury Paper continues to look at new grades that will enhance and complement our core SC lines.

Looking toward the future
While the landscape for the paper industry continues to change, at Port Hawkesbury Paper, we are optimistic. We recently shared the news that we received a unanimous decision from the NAFTA panel which challenged the U.S. Department of Commerce's basis for imposing duties against Port Hawkesbury Paper. This positive decision was encouraging, as we work to reduce these duties substantially or eliminate them entirely, and will update you as we continue to progress through the mill's various appeal processes.

Overall, the mill continues to be a success but there is always more work to do. We look forward to talking with you about the mill successes and challenges and how we can work with you to build a long-term story in a constantly evolving industry.

Source: Port Hawkesbury Paper


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