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Since its conception, the idea of bath tissue and its application have widely stayed the same. However, the versatile rolls have a number of factors that differentiate each style from the others, such as: size, softness, absorption and cost. There are many different varieties of bath tissue for commercial use, 1-ply versus 2-ply, standard versus jumbo or ultimately, cost versus luxury. Before you decide which bath tissue works best for your business, you should understand the differences and benefits of each variety.

The word "ply" refers to the amount of layers that bath tissue has. Bath tissue designated as 1-ply is made with one layer of paper, while 2-ply is made with two layers. 1-ply bath tissue is the ideal option for those looking to reduce costs. 1-ply is generally the more affordable option, as it uses less paper. 2-ply bath tissue is thicker and somewhat textured to provide a softer more luxurious feel.

The difference between jumbo and standard bath tissue is the size of the roll and the amount of tissue on each roll. Jumbo bath tissue contains more tissue per roll than the standard variety and can be a solution for heavily trafficked commercial bathrooms in restaurants and retail stores. Jumbo rolls, such as Cascades PRO SelectTM Jumbo Bath Tissue, help to cut labor costs associated with restocking rolls, reduce waste and theft, and ensure a more consistent experience for the user. Standard bath tissue, on the other hand, is the convenient choice for smaller business settings.

Environmental impact is also a factor to consider when it comes to choosing bath tissue. Cascades PRO PerformTM Standard Bath Tissue Moka is an environmentally responsible choice as it is made from 100% recycled fiber and has achieved Green Seal, UL and Green-e certifications.

It is possible to provide your customers and employees with bath tissue that will be easy on them and on your budget. Take the time to inspect your bath tissue prior to buying in order to ensure that it is high-quality, affordable and meets your business needs. As long as you choose bath tissue from reputable suppliers, like Cascades PROTM, your guests will be satisfied.

Source: Cascades PRO

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