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Cascades Tissue Group Q&A : Benoit Alain

How did you arrive at the position of Executive Vice President, Cascades PROTM? What path brought you to this position?

I have many years of experience in the management of finance, sales, marketing and operations teams, and previously worked for a Fortune 500 company. I began working at Cascades in 2013 as Vice President Finance and Administration for Cascades Tissue Group. After successfully leading the US Consumer Products team I was appointed to the position of Executive Vice President for the Cascades PRO (formerly known as Away-From-Home) division.

What are the most important traits to have as a leader at Cascades?

First and foremost, a leader needs to have passion for its customers, products and sustainability. This along with plenty of determination to lead the rest of the company towards these priorities. A leader at Cascades must also embody the core values that were instilled by the three Lemaire brothers over 50 years ago... respect, teamwork, autonomy, adaptability, initiative, and communication.

Why was it a priority to rebrand Cascades' Away-From-Home division to Cascades PROTM?

We are expecting significant demand growth over the coming years, especially within the US market, and this is supported by key investments we have recently made in Oregon and Texas. To take this division to the next level we felt we needed a stronger brand to position ourselves for years to come.

The rebranding corresponds with our development and vision for the future of our professional business.

We go out of our way to help our distributors and end users succeed with a cleaner offering, friendly customer service and sustainable and credible solutions that differentiate us from our competitors.

What sets Cascades PROTM apart from the competition?

We are a great company to work with, very approachable with a can-do attitude. We offer a wide array of high quality product solutions that fit many market needs. Also at our heart we continue to make sustainability a top priority.

What story does the new Cascades PROTM brand tell?

The company is devoted to helping people feel good, with proven hygiene solutions. Through the rebranding, Cascades PRO™ reaffirms its commitment to quality, cost effective products and world-class customer service. The brand plans to leverage innovative products with its over 50 years of pioneering sustainable development leadership to support customers and diminish impact on the environment.

What is the concept behind Cascades PROTM's new brand pillars?

We really asked ourselves what we stand for as a company, as well as what sets us apart from our competition. We were able to group our philosophy and brand DNA into seven key pillars which form the foundation for our success.

  • We cover all bases - Deliver proven, cost-effective hygiene solutions – from bathroom to boardroom to lunchroom to classroom and beyond – with a wide range of product lines that get the job done.
  • We're all ears - Provide world-class service, with a friendly can-do attitude that keeps customers well stocked and well equipped.
  • We explore all avenues - Create outside the box innovations like no-touch dispensing, antibacterial paper and hygiene programs that reduce sickness risks.
  • We're all in the family - Embody a company rooted in human relationships and values. A family business that grew into one of the world's largest paper & tissue manufacturers.
  • We're all in it together - Build client, employee, reseller, building manager, end user and community bonds. They're all partners in our success, and each one is a relationship waiting to be built and nurtured.
  • We're green all over - Succeeded in integrating sustainable development into our DNA. Long before it became fashionable, we were putting sustainability into practice.
  • We're all over North America - Ensure that we cover all of North America starting with our 2,200 employees and 20 production units.

How is the Cascades PROTM brand evolving to fulfill customer needs?

We feel that customers are looking for solutions to meet their daily needs and challenges. We have these solutions and continue to evolve and explore opportunities to further meet customer needs with new innovations.

We also have the philosophy that simpler is better, which made us look closely at our existing offering and find out ways in which we could simplify through SKU and brand rationalization.

This allows us to better support our customers through various sales tools, such as market specific playbooks.

How does the new website better cater to customers?

The launch of the company's new website brings a clean and updated online experience for customers. The new responsive site greatly simplifies the navigation experience, making it easy for visitors to find Cascades PRO solutions and array of product offerings.

Where would you like to see Cascades PROTM in 5 years' time?

Cascades PRO will be a market leader in all of our key markets: Education, Retail, Industrial and Foodservice.

What are you most passionate about professionally? What most excites you about your work and the contribution you can make? – Why?

Quote from Da Vinci: ''Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication''

I love generating simplicity in complex environment and the chance to work with a team dedicated to making a difference for our customers.

Source: Cascades PRO


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