Government of Canada supports climate action by the Centre de Traitement de la Biomasse de la Montérégie Inc.


SAINT-PIE, QCSept. 4, 2019 - People in Quebec are feeling the impacts of climate change in their communities, from severe storms and floods to heat waves. A recent report from expert Canadian scientists showed that Canada is warming at twice the global average.

That's why the Government of Canada is working with businesses, cities and towns, Indigenous communities, universities, schools, and hospitals to cut pollution, protect our health, and make life more affordable.

Today, the Minister of Environment and Climate Change, Catherine McKenna, announced support for climate action by the Centre de Traitement de la Biomasse de la Montérégie Inc. The $3 million in funding will help the company install new equipment to transform the organic waste of animals and plants into renewable energy and biofertilizer. This practical solution will help improve air and water quality, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and enrich local soil.

The funding comes from the Government of Canada's Low Carbon Economy Fund—an important part of Canada's climate plan. The Fund invests in projects that reduce carbon pollution, save money, and create good jobs in a clean economy.

By working together with Canadians across the country and supporting projects by organizations like the Centre de Traitement de la Biomasse de la Montérégie Inc. in Quebec, we can continue to protect the environment and grow the economy for future generations.


"Canadians across the country are coming up with innovative and affordable solutions to increase energy efficiency and reduce emissions, saving people money and creating good jobs along the way. By investing in these projects, from coast to coast to coast, the Government of Canada is making sure we are positioned to succeed in the $26 trillion global market for clean solutions and to create good middle-class jobs today and for the future."
– Catherine McKenna, Minister of Environment and Climate Change

Quick facts

  • The Centre de Traitement de la Biomasse de la Montérégie Inc. will address the entire value chain from agricultural production and agronutrition to upgrading organic waste to fertilizers, which will enrich soils and contribute toward a circular economy.
  • According to Clean Energy Canada, the energy-efficiency measures in Canada's climate plan will help improve Canada's economy and environment—between now and 2030—by creating 118,000 new jobs, boosting our GDP by $356 billion, and saving Canadian households an average of $114 a year. Every $1 spent on energy efficiency generates approximately $7 of GDP.
  • The Low Carbon Economy Challenge's Champions stream, valued at $450 million, supports projects that will leverage ingenuity across the country to reduce emissions and generate clean growth.

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