Breakthrough In Biofilm Infused With Wood-Derived Nanomaterial Kills Deadly Hospital Bacteria

(Photo Source - University of Calgary) - Dr. Belinda Heyne (left) and her colleagues have filed for a patent for discovery of a biofilm infused with wood-derived CNC that can be added to paints and curtains used in hospitals to kill antibiotic-resistant bacteria when exposed to light.


Alberta Innovates' long-term and ongoing support for cellulose nanocrystals (CNC) research and commercialization has yielded a made-in-Alberta discovery involving CNC-infused biofilm that could revolutionize treatment of antibiotic-resistant bacteria in medical facilities everywhere.

CNC is a novel biomaterial derived from wood fibre, often touted for its remarkable characteristics. For example, it has valuable optical properties, as demonstrated by this biofilm breakthrough.


Source: Forests and Fields


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