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Valuable Outreach and Collaboration Successes in the Forest Industry

FPInnovations is an important partner of FPAC and I am pleased that the CEO, Pierre Lapointe, has provided a guest blog this week. As organizations working to advance the forest industry in Canada, we cooperate on many files and work closely together. Our alignment on Vision2020 is an important component of this close working relationship.

As Pierre points out in his guest blog, the innovation system in the forest sector is critical to the success of Vision 2020. In my next blog I will be touching on a couple of recent exciting developments on the innovation story and we will invite future contributions to this dialogue from representatives of the colleges and university sector but for now Pierre's observations in this week's blog provide important context to our innovation story. -- David Linday, President and CEO, FPAC

by Pierre Lapointe, President and Chief Executive Officer, FPInnovations

The Canadian forest sector has transformed radically in the past few years and is now very sophisticated, involving cutting-edge science and game-changing technology. Without a doubt, Canada is at the forefront of the international race to develop game-changing technology and eco-friendly materials and FPInnovations has been at the center of many of the incredible technological advances. As the industry adapts to the rapid pace of this scientific and technological change the need for innovation and strategic alignment becomes even more crucial to our success.

This past year, it was obvious that the forest innovation ecosystem has become a reality. Canada now has a collaborative approach to forest sector research, and it is truly inspiring. FPInnovations is very excited to be the catalyst that fosters alliances between organizations having complementary objectives. Working together, we can achieve faster progress and FPInnovations is proud of its strategic partnerships with industries, colleges and universities, governments and research institutions. These partnerships facilitate pooling of resources and providing complementary expertise to ensure efficient and cost effective research within each organization.

Such strategic alignment of interests encompasses the pre-competitive research and development stage in the laboratory, through to the pre-commercial phase and demonstration level. We are extremely proud of these accomplishments as they demonstrate our determination to deliver on the forest sector’s Vision 2020: that the Canadian forest products industry power Canada’s new economy by being green, innovative and open to the world.

We are delighted to say that our efforts are working. Vision 2020 focuses on three components that are essential to the industry’s future – attracting talent, improving the environmental footprint, and generating additional economic activity from new innovations and growing markets.

Our coordinated efforts with partnering colleges and university networks are proving to be effective in enticing students to delve into our industry. We must continue to show them that we are world leaders in innovating and delivering state-of-the-art solutions for every area of the sector’s value chain.

FPInnovations’ industrial expertise, combined with our commitment, helps member companies innovate and compete on the global stage. We are applying our technical knowledge to assist member companies in stepping up their environmental efforts by engaging sustainability initiatives. We help our members grow their business through novel products rooted in the bioeconomy, diversifying into new markets and the continued expansion in existing markets.

Indeed, FPInnovations was built on a foundation of collaborative thinking and our unique culture of working together delivers the best solutions from across Canada. By building an effective connection for targeted research between organizations, and even providing linkage to sectors outside the traditional avenues, including the oil and gas and transportation industries, interests and expertise become aligned, resulting in more innovation.

We work relentlessly to make sure that innovation remains a strategic asset for our member companies. After all, we don’t just talk about innovation. We innovate.

 Source: President's Blog / The Forest Products Association of Canada (FPAC)

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