BioDesign: Canada’s Bioeconomy Strategy


BioDesign, a consortium of companies, associations, academic and research institutions from several sectors (including FPInnovations), is formed around a collective mission from the public and private sectors to make Canada a low-carbon industrial bioeconomy leader.

BioDesign is the vehicle that will enable Canada to become a leader in the development of biomass value chains. BioDesign has been bringing together key stakeholders to develop and support investments in industries utilizing or serving the biomass industry. We are targeting $6B in economic growth, 64,200 new jobs and greenhouse gas reductions of 4 million tonnes per year by 2030.

In May 2019, BioDesign released Canada’s first national bioeconomy strategy, representing the vision of more than 400 industry representatives from across the country. The Strategy recommends action on four key priority areas identified in foundational work by the Advisory Council on Economic Growth, the Economic Sector Strategy Tables, and Canada’s forestry ministers.

Interested in learning more? Visit the website, recently launched by the organizations behind BioDesign.

BioDesign also presents is BioBulletin, which the first issue was published a few days ago. Sign up now (at the botton of the homepage).

Source: FPInnovations