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Learn more about the issues that affect the forest industry and how FPInnovations’ research and development projects and initiatives are making a difference.

The 2019 spring/summer edition of Impact magazine is now available. Inside this edition, you’ll find articles that will move the industry, explain the importance of a unique sink, highlight an international event you won’t want to miss, and much more. Read about:

Paving the way for truck platooning in Canada  

Last fall, FPInnovations and its partners took truck platooning research to a new level. The successful testing of a revolutionary technology earned the company a place in Canadian history and perhaps even in world history.

The 411 on the forest carbon sink

The scientific community is abuzz with talk about carbon sinks. They capture and store more carbon dioxide from the atmosphere than they release. Find out how the forest carbon sink may help achieve Canada’s greenhouse gas emissions reduction target set for 2030.

Introduction to Woodrise 2019

From September 30 to October 4, Québec City will host Woodrise 2019, a world conference on mid- and high-rise wood buildings. Centred on the theme of “Building our Cities for Future Generations,” wood-construction stakeholders from around the world will gather to share their expertise to position wood as a leading sustainable construction material.

Next-generation packaging

Let’s face it, convenience is king. If we forget our reusable grocery bags at home, we can buy more at the checkout counter. But the food we buy is usually wrapped in plastic or in polystyrene foam containers. FPInnovations would like to make it convenient for industries to switch to fibre-based packaging.

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