FPInnovations’ participation at LIGNA 2019

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The LIGNA 2019 show in Hannover, Germany, will be taking place May 27 to 31 and this year, two representatives from FPInnovations will be offering presentations as part of the wood industry summit.

Sensing technologies

Zarin Pirouz, Senior Scientist, Process Control and Sensors
May 28, 12:15 to 12:45, Hall 26, Stand H28/2

FPInnovations is working with a variety of academic and industrial partners to develop and explore a number of short and long term sensing options for some of these challenging industrial needs. These unique partnerships help create a technology pipeline to take sensing technologies from early stage academic work, develop solutions for specific industrial problems, refine and verify solutions with tests in real manufacturing environments of our member companies, and provide commercial solutions in partnership with technology providers.

This talk will present an overview of this effort with an emphasis on how the new information may be used to improve value recovery, both in the forest and in manufacturing facilities. Examples of work being performed at different stages of the technology pipeline will be provided.

Development of innovative and transformative solutions for the wood product sector

Serge Constantineau, Industry Sector Leader and Manager of the SM2 initiative
May 28, 14:00 to 14:30, Hall 26, Stand H28/2

Remaining competitive in the softwood lumber market requires intense efforts to maintain manufacturing efficiency and extract higher-margin products from the forest resource. Manufacturers in the wood products sector, especially sawyers, face many challenges. Access to a wood resource whose desired characteristics are changing more and more, a shortage of labor in all types of specialties and highly volatile markets and market conditions are just some examples of the challenges facing the industry. .

As part of its SM2 initiative, known as Agile and Intelligent Manufacturing and built on the principles of the 4th industrial revolution, FPInnovations tackles these challenges and acts on the forest sector around the world by revolutionizing log transformation!

Come and meet with us!

LIGNA is the only platform that showcases technology and solutions for forestry and primary and secondary wood production. It attracts key players from across the entire wood industry. This year, more than 1,500 exhibitors and 93,000 visitors from all over the world are expected to attend the event.

Come and meet FPInnovations representatives at booth Stand H28/2 of Hall 26.

Source: FPInnovations