FPInnovations celebrates Canadian history of forestry at book launch


From coast to coast, Canada boasts a majestic topography adornedby grandiose forests that have been reproduced in countless postcards and tourist photos.

But the significance of Canada's natural resources not only encompasses the tourism industry, but also the forest products and other resource-based industries.

Given that 54% of Canada's land area is covered in forest, it is no wonder that forestry has long been a major industry in the country. Forest products contribute one fifth of the nation's exports.

Thus, FPInnovations and Natural Resources Canada, together with forest engineer and author Gilbert Paillé have collaborated to celebrate the importance and history of Canadian forestry with the launch of A History of Forestry in Canada. The book was written by Paillé, who is also a previous associate deputy minister andformer CEO of the Forest Engineering Research Institute of Canada.

Trace the evolution of Canada's forestry industryand learn more about those who developed the vast forested territory at the book launch on February 3 at the Fairmont Queen Elizabeth Hotel in Montreal, QC. A History of Forestry in Canada presents a chronology of commercial activities and relates the changes in the forest labour force since the beginnings of the colony. It provides a good understanding of the paramount role of wood and forests in the economic development of Canada.

A History of Forestry in Canada can be ordered at publications.fpinnovations.ca. For more information, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..