FPInnovations employees shine at PaperWeek Canada

Pierre Lapointe, President and CEO, FPInnovations


As a knowledge-driven not-for-profit world-leading R&D institute, FPInnovations is proud of our intellectual capital. Our people rank among the world's most knowledgeable and skillful engineers, scientists, technicians and specialists.

In fact, when FPInnovations' president and CEO Pierre Lapointe was honoured by the Pulp and Paper Technical Association of Canada (PAPTAC), he dedicated the award to all the FPInnovations employees across Canada, emphasizing that it is the hard work and dedication of the employees that made great contribution to the science and technology of the pulp and paper industry.

Indeed, FPInnovations' experts have made their presence felt during PaperWeek, the premier international pulp and paper conference, with successful presentations, well-attended sponsored sessions and being honoured with a prestigious award in recognition for great contribution to the science and technology of the pulp and paper industry. FPInnovations' researchers were an active participant during PAPTAC's 101st annual meeting. They were the dynamic moderators, lively presenters, motivating keynote speakers and an inspiring award winner at the conference, which attracted a high calibre of participants consisting of mill superintendents, managers, directors, VPs. and CEOs.

Our president and CEO Pierre Lapointe not only excelled as one of the panelists during the executive breakfast panel – where he discussed the industry's transformation, alignment and strategy – but he was also honoured with the John S. Bates Memorial Gold Medal, PAPTAC's most prestigious award.

Meanwhile, FPInnovations' sponsored session on Industry Transformation Track was another success. FPI's VP of Pulp, Paper and Bioproducts, Jean Hamel, moderated a brainstorming session on industry transformation, which was well attended with 53 participants comprising stakeholders from pulp and paper mills, colleges and universities, industry associations, suppliers and consultants.

Several FPInnovations specialists from different research programs presented on topics such as biomaterials, tissue manufacturing, mechanical pulping, bleaching and other areas that highlight the latest game-changing innovations in the Canadian pulp and paper sector. The sessions were all well-attended, and the tissue sessions were standing-room only.

Without a doubt, FPInnovations' experts showed the world once again that FPInnovations is indeed a world-leading not-for-profit R&D institute that has been at the center of many of the exciting technological advances and is a catalyst for the transformation of the forest industry.