FPInnovations launches new membership model


FPInnovations is renewing its entire membership model with an approach to meet the current needs of its members. A new structure for its Pulp and Paper and Bio-sourced Products sector members is the first to be implemented.

The Canadian forest industry, and the pulp and paper sector in particular, have been undergoing major transformations in the past few years. Traditional products are giving way to new ones which, in turn, are opening up new markets. To reach its objectives, the industry must develop new processes and achieve the desired product properties at a competitive cost to customers who are not traditional to the pulp and paper industry. 

To mobilize the industry and support its members by better positioning them in those new markets, FPInnovations has undertaken a vast consultation process with its pulp and paper and bioproducts members to better understand the challenges they face, properly target their needs, and identify the changes required to its business model. 

The organization is now moving forward and implementing a renewed collaborative structure that is better adapted to the new economic realities to meet and surpass the expectations of its industrial members. This structure includes: 

  • Increased value for members through a better adapted approach
  • Flexible investment options
  • Simplified intellectual property management
  • Improved consultation process

Initiatives: a different approach to serve the industry

FPInnovations also plans to implement large multi-year projects in the coming years, in which members will be able to participate on a discretionary basis, and which will also be accessible to external parties who can contribute knowledge and experience from other sectors. These initiatives aim to accelerate development, create new markets, and the marketing of products and processes

Implementation of the new structure took effect in April 2019 for our pulp and paper and bioproducts members. A consultation process is now underway with the Forest-Operations and Wood-Products sector members to identify ways to improve our value delivery and best serve those sectors.

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Source: FPInnovations