Having operating and runnability issues? Help is here via FPInnovations’ Roll Testing Facility


When paper rolls leave the mill for the pressrooms, engineers hope that the paper quality evaluated at the mill site is sufficient to predict the performance on the press. However, experience shows that this is not always the case.

This is why FPInnovations developed its world-class Web and Roll Centre – a unique suite of tools and expertise dedicated to understand and solve paper and rolls quality problems that affect web uniformity, dimensional stability and pressroom performance.

FPInnovations began offering the Roll Testing Facility (RTF)at the Web and Roll Centre to paper and cardboard mills in June 2002. The industry could not get enough of this service which helps papermakers solve their printing problems. Nothing resembling it exists elsewhere in the world. As its name suggests, the Roll Testing Facility tests rolls! Simply put, a roll of paper is unwound while a mass of data about both the roll and the outgoing sheet are recorded. The data is then analyzed which gives a complete study of roll quality, sheet uniformity and stability. This gives a clear indication of how the roll would have performed on a press or any other conversion equipment.

The distinctive feature of the RTF is the high resolution measurement of web bagginess profile in cross direction. This way, papermakers can accurately quantify drops in tension in the sheet. Soft or baggy edges impact sheet stability and can cause misregistration, wrinkles and tearing.

The RTF is well-known to Canadian mills, which turn to it without fail as soon as a problem with roll structure or web uniformity arises. In recent years, American mills have begun using this unique service in ever greater numbers. In doing so, they witness a decade's worth of accumulated expertise and become acquainted with the extent of FPInnovations' knowledge base.

The RTF has so far tested some 3,000 rolls, with up to 650 studies completed so far on a wide variety of paper and cardboard types. This cumulative experience has allowed us to resolve several web and roll performance issues. The RTF has built an enviable reputation among the biggest experts in the field, like the world-renowned authority in web handling and converting, Dr. David Roisum, who said that the RTF, which is unique to FPInnovations, "may be the best or only place to turn to because they have web-handling equipment and people resources that are almost without equal."FPInnovations' expertise in roll testing is explained very well in this Youtube video by Dr. Roisum: http://ow.ly/A5Aez.

For more information on the RTF, contact Frédéric Parent, Research Leader, Web Performance Group, at 514-782-4653 or at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..