New this year: Flash presentations by FPInnovations during PaperWeek Canada & BIOFOR International 2020

Source: FPI


FPInnovations will be wearing more than one hat during this year’s joint PaperWeek Canada and BIOFOR International 2020 event in Montreal.

Alongside its presence, its participation, and its moderation of several panels, FPInnovations will be introducing for the first time this year Flash presentations throughout the duration of the event.

What is a Flash presentation?

A Flash presentation is short interactive session of 5-10 minutes that will take place in FPInnovations’ networking area – located next to the Innovation Alley – during breaks.

The purpose of the presentations is to offer conference participants an additional opportunity to hear and meet members of the FPInnovations team and know more about current relevant topics.

Each presentation focuses on a specific area of expertise, service, or product, and they are all designed to introduce and acquaint participants with the latest and greatest. Each topic of the Flash presentations has been carefully selected for relevancy and timeliness.

Throughout the joint PaperWeek Canada and BIOFOR International 2020 event, a total of 5 flash presentations will be taking place.

How to attend?

To attend Flash presentations, participants are invited to visit the FPInnovations’ networking area, designed to encourage exchanges and create an environment conducive to business discussions.

Participating in the various sessions will provide participants an opportunity to learn more about the progress of FPInnovations’ research projects and allow them to ask questions to the researchers.


Tuesday February 4, 2020

10:10 a.m.: Challenges of the COD environmental legislation for the industry.

3:10 p.m.: FPInnovations’ collaboration with CanMet Energy.

Wednesday February 5, 2020

10:10 a.m.: FPInnovations’ achievements in increasing pulp machine production.

3:10 p.m.: FPInnovations’ Tissue + Pulp and Paper Course overview and promotion.

Thursday February 6, 2020

10:10 a.m.: FPInnovations’ General Membership Model Presentation.

The full program of the PaperWeek Canada and BIOFOR International 2020 events may be consulted on the conference website.

Source: FPInnovations