Talking with Jean-François Gingras: Innovative forest-sector solutions are a mouse-click away

Jean-François Gingras

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FPInnovations recently updated the Forest Operations Solutions and Technologies web page where members, partners, and clients can easily and quickly access the portfolio of solutions and technologies offered by our team of experts.

Jean-François Gingras is the forest operations sector leader. FPSolutions sat down with Gingras to talk about how the forest operations team develops innovative solutions for the challenges facing the industry.

Can you outline some of the concerns and needs of the forest operations industry?

Forest operations face many challenges, notably attracting and retaining workers, a shrinking timber supply, ensuring economic and environmental sustainability of operations, and of course providing a safe working environment.

What are the key areas of expertise that FPInnovations’ forest operations specialists can provide?

The forest operations team has accumulated a wide breadth of expertise covering many aspects of the value chain, from operational diagnostics to best practices and implementation of new technologies. For example, our team can provide business skills training, telematics-based monitoring tools (FPDat), and diagnostic services to help contractors improve their efficiency and resiliency. These capacity-building activities have been extremely popular with our members across the country recently.

The team has offered solutions to issues experienced by forest operators for many years. What are some solutions your team has developed?

A wide range of products and services are offered, including in the areas of biomass, harvesting, transportation, resource roads, and decision support tools. In each case, these services have been developed based on knowledge created during research projects managed under the forest operations program. A good example of an interesting service offered to clients is our biomass assessment work, which can provide valuable data about the availability and cost of forest biomass to support new proposed biomass-using facilities in a particular region.

How will the new web page help our members, partners, and clients?

The web page has been reorganized to facilitate locating a service within a particular focus area, and each one of the products and services pages features a brief description, testimonials of benefits, relevant documents, and links to related services.

How can an organization reach out to FPInnovations to solve a challenge in their operations?

They can contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will reply to their query promptly.

The new web page can be found under the Solutions and Technology tab on the FPInnovations website. Select Forest Operations in the drop-down menu.

Source: FPInnovations