Wildfire Protection: Leveraging FPInnovations’ expertise to support FireSmart Canada initiatives

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FPInnovations, a national leader in operational research on forest fires, announces its renewed commitment to the safety of communities and the preservation of Canada’s forest ecosystems.

This latest blog article delves into the organisation’s unparalleled expertise in FireSmartTM CanadaTMFireSmartTM Canada initiatives, aimed at enhancing and expanding the adoption of FireSmartTM Canada strategies.

As anthropogenic climate change accelerates, the frequency and intensity of forest fires are expected to rise. This requires the world to take proactive measures to ensure there is a safe way to navigate through this crisis. Recognizing this urgency, the government of Canada has launched an extensive program to support provinces and territories in facing this new reality.

FPInnovations’ expertise offers practical and innovative solutions to mitigate risks, intervene effectively, and promote climate resilience. However, this commitment does not stop there: the organisation also offers an integrated approach that incorporates the economic, environmental, and social dimensions of forest management. By collaborating with various partners, FPInnovations aims to maximize benefits for society, while ensuring the protection of Canadian forests and communities.

From post-fire fuel treatment assessments to FireSmartTM Canada home survival evaluations, FPInnovations offers industry-defining solutions through evidence-based research, while fostering a safety focused, productive environment.

Consult the information brochure for more details.