New Resource to Help Implement Forest Management Standard


The new FSC National Forest Stewardship Standard of Canada (NFSS) became effective in January 2020. Some indicators of this new Standard address challenging topics that may involve multi-year processes and may not be achievable within the normal transition time for an existing certificate holder.

In recognition of this, interim indicators have been identified for some of these indicators to provide additional time, beyond the normal conformance schedule, to achieve initial conformance. These interim indicators are found in the Annex H of the new NFSS.

FSC Canada has also received several questions regarding the implementation of this annex such as how and when to use interim indicators. To address some of these questions and to ensure the proper implementation, FSC Canada has developed a Frequently Asked Questions document to clarify the proper use of the interim indicators.

Note: A French version will be released later this month / Une version française sera disponible au cours du mois.


Source: FSC