A large-scale pilot plant at Resolute’s Thunder Bay mill will further develop FPInnovations’ patented process to produce “2G” sugars and hydrolysis lignin (H-lignin) using mechanical refining, mild chemical treatment and enzymatic hydrolysis.

Some companies have latched on to this visualization technology to make at-the-scene maintenance more time-effective and sure. Integration with the Industrial Internet (IoT) is essential to achieve it's full value potential.

Stora Enso and BillerudKorsnäs announce plans to phase in microfibrillated cellulose (MFC) in paperboard products. Lightweight milk cartons with Stora Enso MFC are already market tested.

On a small, symbolic scale, a library replaces plastic cards with wood. Above that, architects and developers are using wood construction for its aesthetics, lower cost and sustainability.

Pulp and paper maintenance staff take note. Just-released safety headgear made smart by an Intel processor is designed specifically for "augmented reality" diagnosis on the industrial internet.

A new water-free technology by Epson may lead the way to destructive fiberizing and reforming of paper sheets in an office. The scale and economics may be right for high activity businesses.

Domtar's announcement of a new fibre-enhancing process at its Dryden, ON mill plus other recent developments in Canada portend a new age of cellulose fibre applications

Fourteen paper mill trials and two pulp mill trials have been conducted for the game-changing FiloCell™ reinforcing agent now being produced at a Kruger demonstration plant in Trois-Rivières, Québec. Its sheet strengthening power has been confirmed.

Recent breakthrough developments in online fiber measurement open up a fascinating possibility to manage paper properties before the sheet is formed.