Innovative Sustainability Measures by Pulp and Paper Industry Leaders

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Every month, the pulp and paper industry garners attention with its dynamic partnerships, innovative product launches, and sustainability-focused initiatives.

Demonstrating unwavering commitment to fostering a more environmentally-friendly economy, we've curated a selection of the latest and most impactful headlines from the past month.

DS Smith Replaces Over One Billion Pieces of Plastic Across Its European and North American Markets

DS Smith has successfully eliminated 1.2 billion pieces of plastic across its markets in Europe and North America, surpassing its 2025 goal by 16 months. Through its Now & Next Sustainability Strategy, the company aimed to eradicate one billion units of primary or secondary plastic packaging from its consumer goods by 2025. This remarkable achievement is attributed to the implementation of Circular Design Principles and Circular Design Metrics, which were developed in collaboration with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation. Read more:

Snack Brand Pringles Launches New Bag Packaging with Pringles Mingles

Snack brand Pringles, part of Kellanova, formerly Kellogg, has launched new bag packaging with Pringles Mingles. The Pringles Mingles bags feature the brand’s logo and display the flavor combinations of Cheddar & Sour Cream, Sharp White Cheddar & Ranch, and Dill Pickle & Ranch. It will be available at retailers across the US in October 2024. The company is working towards 100% reusable, recyclable or compostable packaging by the end of 2030. Read More:

Supermarket Chain Aldi Introduces Greyson's London Dry Gin in Paper Packaging

Aldi UK has introduced their exclusive Greyson's London Dry Gin in innovative paper packaging. Partnering with Frugalpac, the supermarket chain presents a bottle made from 94% recycled paperboard, complete with a food-grade pouch to house the premium gin. Read more:

Kimberly-Clark Plans to Use Hydrogen at Its Millicent Mill

Working alongside the innovative development company entX, Kimberly-Clark is planning to introduce green hydrogen to power its Millicent mill. Initially, 3.65 tonnes per day of green hydrogen will be introduced, gradually increasing to 4.5 tonnes per day in the second phase. By 2029, the goal is to transition 100% of the mill's heating gas fuel demand from natural gas to green hydrogen. With plans for the first hydrogen production slated for 2027, pending a final investment decision, Kimberly-Clark is driving toward a sustainable future. Read More:

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Stora Enso Offers Recyclable Gift Packaging Solution to Design House Marimekko

Stora Enso has revolutionized Marimekko's gift packaging with a sleek Nordic design solution. This innovation not only enhances the user experience by eliminating unnecessary paper, ribbons, or stickers but also ensures the protection of delicate items like plates, vases, trays, and mugs. The updated recyclable gift packaging range boasts four new box sizes adorned with the iconic Unikko print, catering to a diverse array of Marimekko's exquisite products. Read more:

Mondi's Life Cycle Assessment of Paper-Based Hug & Hold Packaging Scores Better than Polyethylene Shrink Wrap 

Mondi has conducted a comprehensive evaluation of its paper-based Hug & Hold solution, comparing its environmental impact with that of low-density polyethylene shrink wrap for six 1.5-liter PET beverage bottles. Utilizing the Environmental Footprint method, a thorough analysis of 16 indicators was carried out, encompassing everything from raw material acquisition to production to end-of-life treatment.

The findings reveal that Hug & Hold excels in various key areas, including mitigating climate change, minimizing fossil resource usage, reducing photochemical ozone formation, limiting acidification, controlling ionizing radiation, conserving water, and preventing eutrophication of freshwater. Impressively, the overall carbon footprint of Hug & Hold is 43% lower than standard LDPE virgin plastic shrink wrap and 15% lower than LDPE shrink wrap containing 100% recycled content. These results highlight the potential of Hug & Hold not only to address the climate change challenges associated with packaging but also to offer a sustainable and effective solution for end users, as emphasized by the company in a recent statement. Read More:

Suzano Starts up Production of Biodegradable Paper Greenpack

Suzano's Limeira site has commenced the production of Greenpack, an eco-friendly paper solution that is both plastic-free and biodegradable. Crafted from renewable sources, Greenpack provides excellent grease and water vapor resistance, making it ideal for a range of applications such as packaging for toiletries, soaps, and confectionery. Read More:

BoxWay Packaging Group Offers Cardboard Packaging to Online Retailer Ashridge Nurseries

BoxWay Packaging Group has introduced a new cardboard packaging solution for Ashridge Nurseries, removing plastic from the equation. The talented design team at Exeter has crafted a sturdy cardboard structure with an integral flap in a die-cut version, ensuring durability, resilience, and an eco-friendly option for the new cardboard boxes, securing the pots in place. This design also provides extra room for various plant sizes, facilitating the safe delivery of herbaceous pots to customers all across the UK. Read More:

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