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Crofton mill has an opening for a Shift Supervisor, Paper Machines.

This leadership role is integral to our paper business operations. As Shift Supervisor, you will shape the culture of our current and future employees by promoting the safest, most efficient and lowest-cost paper production. Some of the interesting challenges that will help develop your leadership skills will be managing a changing workforce and working with a team to develop new products. Plus, it is an incredible opportunity to live and work in one of the most beautiful areas of the country.

The Shift Supervisor, Paper Operations, leads a crew in both Mechanical Pulping and the Paper Machines - providing resources, direction, and coaching. The position works closely with operations specialists, managers, scheduling and maintenance personnel, to continuously improve operations and employee development. This position also provides supervision on nightshift for the shipping crew and supports Protection Services in the event of a mill emergency.

We need someone who:

  • Excels at communication, motivation and the ability to develop and train others.
  • Can lead change – driving improvements toward safety, and a customer and quality focus.
  • Can problem-solve, plan, and make decisions while working independently.
  • Has significant experience in a technical role in paper-making, engineering, or in an operating role in a paper mill.

If you meet the requirements above, please apply at

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