Factors To Make Retail Ready Packaging A Success

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Packaging is becoming increasingly critical in the success of brands as they battle for customer attention and retail shelf space.

Designing retail-ready packaging has been one of the strategies to increase exposure while conforming to merchants’ needs for easy-to-stock products. Take a look at some of the most crucial variables that help make retail packaging a success:

Figuring Out Your Shelf Space:

It’s crucial to consider the retail area when creating retail-ready packaging. It means, in particular, collaborating with retailers to assess:

  • Dimensions of the allowed shelf space
  • The number of products that can fit comfortably into that space.
  • Product sales and replenishment rates

The design step can begin once these criteria have been defined.

Improve the Customer Experience

It’s a good idea for retail-ready packaging to have the following features for customers:

  • Simple to use
  • Simple to recognize

It means that, in addition to appearing eye-catching, retail-ready packaging must be simple for customers to work with without complicated folds and tucks. One method to improve the customer experience is to avoid sharp corners and edges.

It also implies that as products are taken from the shelf, it’s critical to consider how the retail-ready packaging will appear on the shelf. Consider taking advantage of this chance to ensure that critical brand messaging is shown clearly and prominently. At Atlantic, we provide high-definition printing on retail packaging to ensure your boxes and products stand out from the crowd.

Consider Sustainability

As the importance of sustainability grows daily, make sure your retail-ready packaging follows the principles of sustainability. One approach to do this is to lower the thickness of packaging materials, which reduces the carbon footprint of manufacturing and shipping. Another option is to use environmentally friendly materials such as recycled corrugated boxes.

However, as material thicknesses change, it’s a good idea to test that the packaging seal can still maintain the products’ weight. Get on a call with us and we will help design the perfect packaging for your products after thoroughly testing out a sample of your goods and conducting tests to ensure your packaging is secure and stands the test of time. We will provide customized, sustainable packaging designed specifically for your product.

Importance Of Retail Packaging

The appropriate packaging can make or break a brand in retail. Packaging is the first real connection your products have with buyers, so it’s critical that the packaging persuades them to try out your product. According to retail studies, 72% percent of buyers admitted that they are influenced by the design of the packaging. That’s a good chunk of buyers businesses can influence through package designing alone. 30% of businesses also reported having seen a good surge in sales by improving packaging design.

Not only for initial sales but also for a variety of other reasons, optimal retail packaging is critical. Packaging also contributes to consumer loyalty by encouraging customers to return to a product because of its packaging. Packaging that is recyclable and that can be used over and over will definitely have customers coming back. 67% of consumers said that they prefer paper or corrugated packaging as people are becoming more aware of sustainability and are shunning the use of plastic packaging.

Retail-ready packaging is particularly crucial since it aids in the establishment of a brand’s legitimacy and positive image. Customers are likely to overlook a product whose packaging fails to adequately represent its qualities and overall appeal of quality and credibility. According to other surveys, 74% of consumers want honesty and transparency when it comes to labeling packaging and contents.

With hundreds of manufacturers selling the same product as you, having packaging that distinguishes your brand is critical to your store’s success. Your packaging could be placed right at the front of the shelf but still, fail to make an impact if the packaging is not engaging enough.

According to studies, the importance of retail-ready packaging in helping brands survive, retain, and grow sales cannot be overstated.

Atlantic Packaging An Unique Retail-Ready Packaging

With our unique retail packaging solutions, Atlantic Packaging helps companies stand out from the crowd. We have the expertise and experience to construct every packaging element in eco-friendly materials along with high-quality printing. Our retail packaging solutions are of the finest quality and craftsmanship, making them a popular choice among major brands. We assist our partner brands in developing packaging that compliments their brand essence and increases sales. For every industrial sector, we create eco-friendly retail-ready packaging. Contact us at 1-800-268-5620 for us to understand your unique packaging requirements and allow us to build stellar retail packaging for your business.

Source: Atlantic Packaging