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First off, what can you tell us about Laurentide Controls and what is the meaning of the slogan «Empowering People. Advancing industry. »?

Founded in 1968, Laurentide Controls has been helping the industry to thrive for over 50 years. We are the largest provider of automation and reliability solutions in Eastern Canada.

As an Emerson impact partner, Laurentide Controls provide its clients world-class solutions, superior local technical expertise, and life-cycle services for all assets and necessities in automation and reliability. These distinctive benefits allow us to form partnerships with our clients and be an asset in their journey to the top of their field of activities.

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How do you define teamwork and what is its importance for Laurentide Controls?

As a company entirely owned by its employees, each member of our team is motivated by the common objective to inspire people and make the industry progress. We work in harmony across our regions, our platforms, our business units, and our departments in order to take advantage of our unrivalled scope and expertise. Together we are stronger.

In your opinion, what is the most important quality needed to succeed?

Hunger and Passion
Both as an organization and as an individual, we strive to be the best at everything we do. We deliver outstanding results and value as much for our team as for our clients and business partners.

Can you tell us about your reliability approach, including predictive intelligence and its impact in the paper-making process?

Laurentide 19may20 4Steve Dustin, President, Laurentide ControlsIn business for over 30 years, our reliability team is comprised of several engineers, technologists and technicians with years of practical experience and extensive technical knowledge. Our solutions aim to help companies improve their reliability in a profitable, efficient and sustainable way. We develop, design, optimize and implement maintenance strategies with predictive and proactive tools to allow you to reach operational excellence. We are the partners of choice to increase reliability in your plant! In addition, we are an Emerson impact partner and we have the privilege of offering solutions in terms of artificial intelligence that are going to revolutionize the decision for support while also integrating the current systems to give users more insight. Since recruiting qualified workers constitutes a challenge, these solutions will shake the status quo of our customary tasks.

What are your objectives in developing the Canadian paper industry market?

We are already present in most paper manufacturers and we count on being able to support all our clients in the optimization of their current practices. We are working on increasing productivity, lowering costs, increasing health/safety, in addition to reducing the impact on the environment. All of this while focusing on the profitability of improvement projects. Our objective is to make the industry thrive.

How does Laurentide Controls stay ahead of the technology curve?

We have the privilege of being able to offer high-performance solutions for our clients thanks to business partners that invest large sums into research and development. We invest locally to adapt solutions to our market and to ensure our clients thrive. The company’s strategic vision definitely allows us to stay ahead.

What does continuous improvement in service and technology mean to you?

We invest a great deal into the training and certification of our personnel to implement reliable and durable solutions. In addition, our technical team has state-of-the-art instruments at their finger tips. This allows us to be more efficient in terms of results for our clients and to be technologically innovative.

What can you tell us about the technical institute?

The Laurentide technical institute was put in place to bridge the gap between the training received on behalf of technical schools (professionals, colleges and universities), the evolution of operations and the growing demand for the industry. With the help of our specialists and our partners, we are proud to offer individualized training. These trainings are available with a certification path. In addition, we have adapted the trainings to have a good balance between theoretical, practical, and mentorships. The return on investment from our clients in training is impressive.

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What are your objectives for Laurentide Controls throughout 2020 and for the next five years?

Our purpose is to help Eastern Canadian industries thrive.
We inspire our clients by collaborating with them to solve complex challenges and giving them the necessary support to achieve their objectives.  We inspire our employees by providing them the best training, necessary tools, and a stimulating work environment to help them in their development.

We contribute to the progression of the industry by providing our clients the products, services, and technology necessary to stimulate innovation. We also help it progress by building a network of excellent business partners.

What trends have you observed in the pulp and paper industry over the past 5 years and how do you see the future?

With a competitive and declining pulp and paper market, we see several companies and corporations focusing on reliability and performance in order to keep the factories viable. We observe a rationalization of the workforce and a need to be more efficient. We sense the need to change the status quo. We see more and more the demand for the pulp and paper industry to convert and commit to digital transformation. This translates to a change, at the technical level, of the procedures and tasks executed.

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