Bearing Lubrication Monitoring


Lubrication, a double paradox for maintenance

All maintenance departments agree: lubrication and greasing are among the essential tasks of regular equipment upkeep. And yet, and this is the first paradox, it is often the least well executed maintenance operation! The proof is that 40% of bearings "break" prematurely because of inadequate greasing.

In recent years, industry leaders have made significant financial investments in equipment and operator training. All with a single aim: detecting problems before they lead to expensive stoppages. And this is the second paradox: why create more problems with incorrect lubrication?

For greasing to be effective, it must be tailored to the real needs of rotating machinery (right time, right lubricant, right amount). A modern, fully developed ultrasonic detector is the answer.

With ultrasonic technology you can avoid the three common mistakes of bearing lubrication.

Mistake No.1: calendar-based lubrication

There are many parameters influencing equipment's need for grease (load, environment, temperature, etc.). It is crucial that all these factors are considered, not just a "timing" component based on a theoretical calculation.

Mistake No.2: over and under greasing

The second mistake to be avoided at all costs is to use too much or too little lubricant. Both actions lead to wear or premature breakage of the bearing, in the first case because of elevated temperature and friction, the second through metal-to-metal contact. Extended under-lubrication will cause the bearing to seize, and may lead to even more serious machinery damage.

Mistake No.3: using ultrasound solely in listening mode

Simply listening, without taking measurements and recordings, is certainly too subjective, and cannot be recommended. Operator hearing varies, with significant risk of recording transcription errors (measurement, grease type, etc.). Only comparative analysis of the status of the bearing, before and after greasing, is truly objective.

The complete ultrasonic solution to manage your acoustic lubrication programme

LUBExpert is an ultrasound solution designed to help grease bearings right.

  • the right grease,
  • the right greasing location,
  • the right greasing schedule,
  • the right amount of grease to add,
  • the right lubrication condition indicators.

LUBExpert is available in two formats:

LUBExpert Kit - a complete and autonomous ultrasound instrument with dedicated firmware and software for guided bearing lubrication.

LUBExpert Upgrade - An upgrade kit that adds the LUBExpert functionality to SDT270SU and SDT270DU ultrasound instruments.

LUBEChecker is an ultrasound solution designed to optimize bearing lubrication.

Poor lubrication practices are a leading cause of bearing failure. LUBEChecker is an ultrasound solution focused on optimizing grease replenishment. It is the perfect companion for performing lubrication on condition based intervals.


LUBEChecker is so easy to use. Simply open the box, connect it to your grease gun, and hear the difference. Its vibrant colour display offers repeatable, accurate, digital measurements that guide you to a precision result every time.


Failed bearings and excessive grease consumption gnaw away at your bottom line. LUBEChecker is the affordable solution. Built with SDT quality, it’s offered at a price that makes you want to Hear More.

Source: SDT Ultrasound Solutions