Rubber expansion joints are used in piping systems for a wide variety of reasons. These reasons include absorbing pipe movements in all directions (compression, extension, and lateral), minimizing vibration, and limiting sound transfer through the piping system.

Toscotec has developed key energy efficient solutions for the primary water recovery system, stock approach line, and headbox, which deliver substantial energy savings and process optimization results. The performances of the majority of these solutions have been consolidated in several installations and have become part of Toscotec’s standard design.

Proper contamination control is at the foundation of a profitable lubrication program. It doesn’t take a significant number of particles in a lubricant for bearing life to be affected, which is why maintenance personnel should be relentless in identifying and addressing all sources of ingression.

The fundamental process components that drive recovery boiler operations are the combustion air system and the black liquor. Changes in the liquor cycle can dramatically impact how the recovery boiler performs, and poor performance may negatively impact emissions and overall operational efficiency.

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