Are there any procedures for cold shut-down of paper dryers?

- Photo from PA Files

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There should be procedures in place both to start-up and to shut down a dryer section.

Most paper mills are more focused on operating their paper machines than on shutting them down, but there are several important steps that must be taken when a dryer section is to be shut down for an extended period of time.

If these steps are not taken, there is a significant risk that the dryer section bearings, fabrics, steam, and lubrication systems will not be ready for the next start-up.

The steam pressure should be taken off the dryers and the shut-off valves locked out and the lines bled.

Dryers with rotating syphons should have the syphons pointed down (manhole covers up) to ensure the dryers are drained.

The fabric tension should be relaxed (fabrics shrink as they dry). 

Dryer doctors should be unloaded and their oscillators should be shut-off. Separator tanks should be drained and the pocket ventilation supply and exhaust fans should be shut off.

If the shut-down is not too long, it is best to keep the forced bearing lubrication system running, to keep the bearings lubricated, heated, and clean. 

Source: Kadant