Improve Control Valve Maintenance the Industrial Internet of Things Way

Process Optimization

For the process industries, one of the most critical and often overlooked assets is the automated control valve.

Today's modern control valve is a far cry from the easy-to-understand analog valve positioner of the past, but too often the available diagnostic data goes unused. It may be possible to leverage that data to improve maintenance the "IIoT way."

The majority of control valves shipped today include a highly complex digital computer capable of recording a variety of important status bits that relate to the air supply, electrical supply, travel stroke other parameters related to the valve stem or shaft stiction. The challenge with this highly complex set of variables included in the digital positioner, is these variables are also seldom well understood by the resident plant instrument or electrical technicians. In most cases, these technicians are not afforded the time to learn and train on this technology.


Source: Industrial Iot