Occupational safety in the company

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At DS Smith Tecnicarton we are committed to prevention and the internal training of our employees as a guarantee of safety at work

Complying with safety standards is essential for carrying out work in the best possible conditions. The priority of safety at work is to prevent serious or fatal accidents at work and to guarantee optimum safety conditions for employees.

In recent years, statistics on accidents at work indicate that traffic accidents, falls from heights or blows and falls of loads in logistics activities are the most frequent causes of mortality at work.

In this sense, safety is an issue that concerns both the employer and the employee of the company. Guaranteeing safety at work requires a commitment on the part of the worker to make responsible use of the means and facilities in which he carries out his work and a responsibility on the part of the employer to provide his workers with the means and training necessary to do so.

Keys to try to combat accidents at work:

  1. Identify the possible risks and know the specific rules of the sector in terms of occupational safety. It is a question of detecting those tools that are not in good condition or that are not being used properly, in order to communicate it and be able to adopt the pertinent measures in this respect.
  2. To have specific protection equipment, in accordance with European regulations. The company must provide employees with the necessary safety equipment to carry out their work and train them in the correct use of it.
  3. Supervise the work of the workers to ensure that it is carried out correctly, without endangering their safety.
  4. Work orientation and training. Training of workers in health and safety is essential to be able to do their job safely and effectively. In order to do this, it is necessary to be up to date with the regulations and legislation in force in this area.

At DS Smith Tecnicarton we value the safety of our employees, reinforcing both the investments in prevention and the personnel assigned to it. In addition, the internal training of our workers on a regular and constant basis and prevention actions are further proof of our commitment to occupational safety.

Source: DS Smith