New Solution Release: Intelligent Pulp Solution


Stora Enso introduces a turnkey solution for the pulp industry available to all pulp producers and consumers.

Stora Enso produces and sells millions of tons of pulp in different grades every year. Based on the company’s long history in the pulp business, Stora Enso sees a lot of hidden value in the pulp value chain. However, the lack of visibility and unit-level traceability inhibits companies from realizing this value to the fullest.

With the new Intelligent Pulp Solution by Stora Enso Intelligent Packaging, companies can achieve full traceability across the pulp value chain, unlocking value for producers, transporters, warehouse operators and consumers.

The turnkey solution includes Stora Enso’s

  • Paper-based, repulpable and water-soluble ECO Bale RFID tags
  • Pulp industry specific Hammer system consisting of the Hammer Central Unit, off-the-shelf industrial-grade label applicator and RFID accessories.
  • Predesigned and tested Sonar Readpoints for clamp trucks, gate reading points and much more.
  • Bridge Middleware and Cloud, consisting of software components to fully capture, store and leverage the data.

With the Intelligent Pulp Solution, there are benefits to be captured all along the value chain where all players will benefit from increased data availability, visibility and transparency. The more the supply chain becomes integrated, the more benefits there will be.

Learn more about the Intelligent Pulp solution by Stora Enso.

Source: Stora Enso