PDA.C 02 MST - Module Standard


Measurement of surface and internal properties of paper & board in order to predict the behavior in the converting process

Ultrasonic Tester for the Determination of Paper/Board Properties via Measuring the Wetting and Absorption Behavior of Liquids

  • Main applications:
    • Impregnating process of decor paper: impregnating resin absorption by decor papers
    • Printability: effect of surface sizing and surface porosity on penetration of fountain solution or oil in the offset process
    • Glueability: effect of surface sizing and surface porosity on the glueability
    • Coating process:
      • surface sizing and surface porosity of coating base paper surfaces
      • quality of coated paper (Latex filming, coating porosity, thickness of coating layer)
  • Use of test and process liquids of low to medium viscosity:
    • impregnating resins
    • water
    • water + Isopropylalcohol mixture
    • fountain solution
  • Results:
    • Intensity-Time-Graph
    • automatically calculated values
  • Main user:
    • Producers of paper/board
    • converting industry
    • chemical suppliers
    • machine builders

Measuring principle

  • emtec 27jan20 2In a test cell, a paper sample is contacted with liquid. From the moment of contact, low-energy high-frequency ultrasound is transmitted through the sample in a Z-direction.
  • While the paper absorbs the liquid, the transmission of the ultrasound undergoes characteristic changes.
  • The ultrasonic signals are received by a high-sensitivity sensor for processing in the PDA.C 02 from where they are transmitted to a personal computer and displayed as an intensity - time - diagram.

emtec 27jan20 3From the shape of curve the following conclusions may be derived:

  • All quality parameters of paper and especially those surface properties which influence the wetting and absorbtion of an appropriate test liquid.
  • Quality parameters of liquids that may be characterized by means of a test paper.
  • Converting behaviour of industrial paper / paperboard grades and process fluids.

Technical Data:

  • First analytical value: approx. 8 ms after liquid contact
  • Measuring frequency: 1MHz or 2MHz selectable
  • Measuring results: Intensity-Time-Graph, automatically calculated values
  • Test liquids: water, water + Isopropylalcohol mixture, impregnating resins, organic and anorganic liquids of low to medium viscosity
  • PC software: all common operating systems
  • Data structure: ASCII file
  • Operating voltages: 110 V 60 Hz / 220 V 50 Hz
  • Weight: approx. 15 kg

Attachment: PDA.C02 Module MST Leaflet [English] 279 kB

Source: Emtec