Pulp and paper digital lab and support network

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ABB's pulp and paper digital lab is built on technologies, data analytics and domain expertise to help solve the complexities mills face.

As Industry 4.0 opened the doors for a new breed of digital solutions, ABB focused on finding ways to address real-mill problems by creating solutions that are grounded in the real world.

With a deep understanding of the pulp and paper industry and close collaboration with mills worldwide, we've worked to become a 'think tank' for mills. Hearing problems. Understanding technical challenges. And creating solutions that yield full benefits. 

See how our decades in the industry helps deliver solutions that address real-mill problems.


Delivering the full benefits of the digital transformation

At the heart of the pulp and paper industry transformation is the never-before available levels of process intelligence. While the industry is certainly embracing digitalization - particularly in terms of an enhanced ability to collect data - knowing how best to utilize it is key.

Following a strategy that equalizes the importance of domain know-how with digital technology and data management strategies ensures the best results are achieved. But many companies in the digital space focus on buzzwords and not the practical application of using technology and data to optimize a complicated industrial process.

At ABB, we focus on delivering value, which means bridging first-hand experience with tailored, co-created digital solutions to help mills achieve goals related to higher producivity, improved quality and lower cost to produce.

By combining digital technologies and data analytics with domain, technology and automation expertise, our solutions are purpose-built to help solve the complexities mills face.

From development to service delivery, ABB combines data, technology and expertise to optimize operations

Development that's grounded in the real world

With ABB’s approach to digital development, we’re ready to innovate with our customers. Our task is to focus our efforts where they are most needed, and write the future of papermaking together with pulp and paper mills, worldwide.

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Asset monitoring to find and prevent problems

With ongoing performance monitoring, we can align problems with subject matter experts, enabling global collaboration to expedite problem solving.

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Performance Services provide an always-on connection for optimization

Targeted Performance Services for pulp and paper, such as Wet End Control of retention to help stabilize variability in the wet end, can give mills valuable additional tonnage, optimized quality and reduced operational costs. These services are delivered via Collaborative Operations, which enables the monitoring of key parameters to help sustain performance over time. 

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A Connected Engineer drives stronger field service delivery

Even ABB’s field service group is digitally enabled, with our skilled field experts using our new service platform to become truly connected engineers. This gives them on-site access to a broad and powerful toolbox of information and solutions – to get your issues resolved quickly and keep your equipment running profitably.

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By developing and creating digital services that are built on a combination of advanced analytics, digital applications and the expertise of ABB's global pulp and paper community, we can uniquely deliver long-lasting, unparalleled value to mills worldwide.

Source: ABB