Southeast Asia’s biggest packing manufacturer upgrades to latest version of X-Trim and opt-Studio

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Siam Kraft Industry Co., Ltd. (SKIC) has appointed Greycon to update its scheduling and slitting optimisation in its three mills in Thailand.

SKIC is the biggest manufacturer in Southeast Asia with a production of 2.3 million tons of packaging paper annually. Greycon first got involved with SKIC in 2006 when it was contracted to provide scheduling and slitting optimisation in it mills in Thailand. Because of the benefits SKIC has achieved in improved trim, scheduling and machine utilization, visibility, delivery time of orders and supply chain optimisation, SKIC included two new sites to the original project scope. The system is integrated fully with SAP.

Jakkrit Supawatanakul, CEO of Greycon's Partner in Thailand, Forward Consulting said: "We have enjoyed a long and successful relationship with Greycon. In order to be the leading manufacturer in Southeast Asia, as well as continue to contribute to sustainable progress, SKIC needs to ensure its mills are equipped with the latest technology providing innovative solutions enabling them to maximise efficiencies wherever possible. Due to results and benefits Greycon's solutions have provided over the years, it is important they remain up-to-date."

During the upgrade, Greycon installed its new version of X-Trim rewritten in .Net and its new generation of scheduling software, opt-Studio, substituting the old S-Plan installation.

The new version of the software provides:

  • Better and faster slitter optimisation with X-Trim state of the art algorithms; and
  • Faster and more user-friendly scheduling functionality which comes with opt-Studio.

Andres Bonelli, Project Manager at Greycon said: "Having been part of the original project back in 2006, it was exciting to roll out the upgrades and experience first-hand how SKIC's business has grown and evolved over the years."

About Siam Kraft

Packaging Paper Business in SCG Packaging is the first manufacturer of high-quality packaging paper in Thailand and the biggest manufacturer in Southeast Asia, with Thailand, Vietnam and the Philippines as its manufacturing bases. Equipped with as many as 15 machines, its production capacity produces 2.3 million tons of packaging paper annually. Its quality-control process is in line with international standards.

About Greycon

Greycon is the world's leading provider of production planning, forecasting, scheduling and manufacturing execution systems that have been designed specifically for roll-based & flat sheet industries. Greycon operates throughout the world. Greycon's strength is the extensive range of specialist software solutions for Plastic Films & Flexible Packaging, Nonwovens, Metals, Converting, Paper and Board industries supported by powerful optimisation algorithms and a highly experienced team of consultants.

Source: Greycon