TT SteelDryer


Toscotec started its production of steel dryers in the early 60’s manufacturing them with various diameters, face lengths and working pressures.

Thanks to latest developments, Toscotec is today capable to deliver high tech TT SteelDryers with reduced delivery time at competitive costs.

TT SteelDryer provides a long operating life combined with an extremely high drying capacity. The use of a TT SteelDryer instead of conventional cast iron cylinder offers significant benefits both on the economical and operational point of view either if installed in a new drying section or in case of revamping of an existing unit.

TT SteelDryer has a higher heat transfer rate thanks to the reduced shell thickness when compared to the cast iron one. TT SteelDryer has up to 30% more drying capacity.

In case of a new paper machine, it is possible to use less dryers, with a evident reduced investment cost and space requirement. Otherwise, in case of modification of an existing paper machine, installing the same quantity of dryers delivers a higher drying capacity. Another advantage of the use of TT SteelDryer is the wider drying face length, compared to the total cylinder face length, resulting in the possibility of drying a wider sheet width with the same space requirements.

TT SteelDryer is supplied with a bolted shaft as a standard, with the advantage, in case of an accident or a bearing failure, to have the possibility to replace the damaged shaft.

Heat insulation of the head can be added as an option.

Finally, steel construction leads to a intrinsically safe pressure vessel construction, eliminating any risk of explosion and resulting in a safer working environment for the operators.

Technical Specification

Source: Toscotec