Voith launches the OnPerformance.Lab – a Remote Service Center for the digital optimization of paper production

  • Data-based remote service helps paper manufacturers increase the efficiency and availability of their production facilities.
  • The service combines software-supported analysis of machine and process data with the expertise of Voith specialists.

HEIDENHEIM, GERMANY. With the OnPerformance.Lab, Voith is now offering paper manufacturers the opportunity to identify and exploit improvement potential for their production through an in-depth analysis of process data. The Remote Service Center at the Heidenheim site became operational at an interactive online event attended by customers and Voith experts.

“The remote digital services provided by the OnPerformance.Lab enable customers to significantly improve the performance and availability of their production lines,” explained Dr. Jürgen Abraham, President Products & Services and Digital Business Officer at Voith Paper. “Within the scope of a service agreement, we leverage AI-assisted analysis and evaluation methods and the expertise of our engineers to help customers optimize their processes and reduce the use of resources in the paper manufacturing process.”

The optimization is based on process and machine data that are transferred via a VPN or cloud connection to the OnPerformance.Lab, where they are analyzed with the help of data mining methods and artificial intelligence. The continuous monitoring at the process level registers deviations immediately and allows fast and accurate corrections to be made. In addition, the industry-specific expertise of Voith's specialists facilitates the evaluation of the data and the development of individual, specific and implementable recommendations to stabilize and increase machine efficiency.

voith 24nov20 2The data-based remote service provided by the OnPerformance.Lab combines AI-supported analyses with sound industry knowledge and helps paper manufacturers to improve the efficiency and availability of their production facilities.

All OnPerformance.Lab services are designed to increase the performance and availability of the customer’s machines and reduce the use of resources in the paper manufacturing process. To guarantee a comprehensive improvement in all process steps, Voith experts pro-actively develop optimization proposals for discussion with the customer. The OnPerformance.Lab services are available for the entire production line from stock preparation to winder and can be scaled as necessary. In their service agreement, customers can specify a range of important KPIs such as fiber consumption, basis weight, paper moisture and grade change times, and can add others at any time.

With the OnPerformance.Lab, Voith is supporting the digital transformation of the paper industry. The efficiency improvements achieved through the Remote Service Center help manufacturers to enhance their competitiveness and at the same time make their production processes more sustainable.

Source: Voith