Xylem’s Wedeco Ozone System Selected For Renewcell’s Sustainable And Circular Textile Production


Emmaboda, Sweden, (April 14, 2021) – Global water technology company, Xylem (NYSE: XYL) has today announced that it will deliver a containerized Wedeco ozone plant for Renewcell to serve its dissolving pulp mill in Sundsvall, Sweden.

Renewcell’s new mill is expected to be commissioned in 2022 and will recycle textile waste such as cotton clothes to produce 60,000 tons of Circulose® dissolving pulp per year.

Made by recovering cellulose from old textiles, Circulose® is used to manufacture new sustainable textile fibers that are an excellent substitute for cotton and non-biodegradable oil-based fibers such as polyester. As a recycled material, its use in textile manufacturing reduces the impact of the textile industry on water, land and other natural resources.

Xylem's Wedeco ozone technology will help the new mill produce dissolving pulp with a limited amount of chemicals, while also meeting the strictest local environmental regulations. Manufactured and tested in Germany, at Xylem’s Herford facility, the Wedeco ozone system is tailored to meet the highest industry standards at low operating costs.

Renewcell chose a containerized Wedeco plant capable of delivering 2.9 tons of ozone per day (120 kg O3/h). Wedeco’s unmatched technology delivers full ozone capacity in less than two minutes from start-up, and automatically adjusts ozone production on demand. The solution also enables precise ozone dosing to support the flexible pulp bleaching process.

The containerized, plug-and-play Wedeco ozone plant is designed to withstand extreme winter conditions, with a minimal footprint and fast commissioning.

Martin Stenfors, COO at Renewcell said: “We chose Xylem as our supplier because of their extensive experience in dissolving pulp production, and because of the high quality the Wedeco system produced and tested in Germany will ensure. Furthermore, the containerized system will reduce installation and engineering time at Ortviken, and will also enable a quick ramp up of capacity in the future.”

Alexis Métais, Global Pulp & Paper Key Account Manager said: “We are proud to partner with Renewcell for its innovative solution that supports a circular textile economy and brings value to discarded clothes. Xylem’s Wedeco ozone system is a key element of any clean cellulose purification process, delivering a superior environmental performance at low operational cost. By integrating the right technologies that meet local environmental regulations, we are partnering with our customers to create a safer, more sustainable world for all.”

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Source: Xylem