Financial News

US NBSKP – The shipments of BSKP market pulp to the North American market were relatively weak in January, down by as much as 8.5% against the January 2010 deliveries. The softness of the paper market played a role, possibly also the winter conditions which may have delayed some of the shipments from January to February. With the general tightness of the BSKP globally and with the USD weakness, also the US market continues to be price-wise quite firm. The data reported was now in a range between 960 and 990 USD, with 960 USD and 990 as the most common individual quotes. Our PIX NBSKP US index moved up by 19.36 USD/ton, or by 2.02%, and closed at 979.36 USD/ton.

US Newsprint – North American newsprint market continues to lose volumes. In January, the estimated US newsprint consumption was down by 9.5% against January 2010. Capacity closures appear insufficient to balance the supply and demand and rumours of market-related downtime are increasing. The PIX US Newsprint 30lb index remained at 626.92 USD/ton, and the 27.7 lb index at 669.73 USD/ton.


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