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Attracting Millennials to Warehouse Jobs

With more and more Baby Boomers approaching retirement, a new wave of workers have started to take their place in the North American job market. Millennials, or those individuals between the ages of 22 and 37, are now the largest generation in both the U.S. and Canadian work forces.

This generational evolution has touched upon every industry, as Millennials bring a different set of experiences, values and motivations to jobs than their Baby Boomer counterparts. For some industries, this change has brought new life into their workforce and in others it hasn't been as easy. Warehousing jobs across industries, for example, have experienced an 8% increase overall in interest from job seekers over the past few years, however, this interest is more likely to be from individuals in Generation X than Millennials.

Millennials will make up the majority of the North American workforce for many years to come, so companies will have to develop a plan to navigate the new, younger workforce and attract them to their warehouse positions.

Develop an engaging culture.

Millennials are ambitious, opinionated and achievement-oriented and they appreciate workplaces that reflect those values. Warehouse positions may not necessarily be seen as opportunities for growth, but it's up to organizations to think of ways to develop a system for the job growth that Millennials (and future generations) desire. For example, companies can develop tiered specialist roles that allow employees to move along a specific track. Millennials also look for organizations that can have a little fun too. Developing wellness and/or social programs where employees can sit on sub-committees and help organize company events will also be attractive to this generation.

Promote a work/life balance.

Baby Boomers are known for being work-centric, but Millennials are looking for more of a work/life balance. In fact, one study showed that Millennials are willing to take, on average, a $7,600 pay cut for a job that offers a better "quality of work life." To provide a work/life balance that's attractive to Millennial workers, employers can look into offering a number of scheduling options, including flexible work schedules, part-time schedules, and alternative schedules.

Embrace technology.

If there was ever a workforce to appreciate technology, it's the first "always connected" generation. If an organization has been eyeing new technology to improve productivity or speed up distributing processes, now is a great time to consider those purchases. Millennials are known for keeping up with new tech trends, so this generation will thrive in a work environment that features up-to-date technology and software.

Source: Cascades PRO

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