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Rolling into Paper Towel Trend

In the world of paper hand towels, there are several options available in the professional market and with each option comes a different set of benefits. The best solution for the job typically comes down to facility preference, cost and usage.

Recently, however, an interesting trend has emerged where more and more customers across industries are leaning towards one type of paper hand towel: roll towels. An ideal solution for high-traffic restrooms, roll towels offer facility managers a number of benefits that can improve their green business practices and their bottom line.

Lower costs

Of the paper hand towel options available, roll towels typically provide the lowest cost-per-hand-dry. Since roll towels are dispensed as flat sheets, users can utilize the entire surface area of the paper towel to dry their hands off. With folded towel systems, for example, users may not always take the time to unfold the towels and can end up pulling a few sheets out when one or two can do the trick. When roll towels are used with controlled-use dispensing systems like the Cascades PRO Tandem™ dispensers, end-users are even less likely to grab extra sheets.

Less maintenance

One of the biggest strengths of roll towels is that they offer the highest capacity, ranging from 600 feet all the way up to 1050 feet. Higher capacities mean less maintenance time spent changing out empty rolls. Less maintenance time means another level of cost savings as employees can spend less time refilling paper towel dispensers and more time on other tasks.

Less waste

When employees or guests grab a bunch of paper towels to dry their hands, they may not realize the amount of waste they are creating. According to Green Seal®, facilities that use roll towels and controlled-use dispensers can reduce waste by upwards of 35%. One way that this pairing can reduce waste is through the presence of a built-in stub roll in the dispenser that finishes the first roll before seamlessly transitioning to the next. This feature (and more) can be found in a number of dispensers today, including the Cascades PRO Tandem Mechanical No-touch Roll Towel Dispenser.

The next time your customers are looking for a suitable paper hand towel solution for their facilities, it's important to have a thorough understanding of their needs. If it sounds like they want to go lean and green, roll towels may be the way to go.

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Source: Cascades

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