Are pizza boxes recyclable? The paper industry answers

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Let’s admit it, sometimes you don’t want to cook at home and turn to your favorite delivery, or pick-up, dinner option—pizza.

While it’s a toss-up if pineapple and anchovies belong on pizza, there’s no arguing that pizza boxes are recyclable.

The next time someone asks, “Do you know if pizza boxes are recyclable?” your answer should be: Yes! Here’s why:

 A recent study confirmed that pizza boxes are recyclable, and that grease and cheese are not an issue for the recycling process. Simply remove leftover pizza and place the box in the recycling bin.

Corrugated pizza boxes are successfully recycled every day at paper mills throughout the country. In a recent membership-wide survey, AF&PA members said they accept corrugated pizza boxes for recycling.

Our industry wants more of these boxes back to recycle. About 3 billion pizza boxes are used in the U.S. each year – that’s about 600,000 tons of corrugated that could be collected for recycling. AF&PA encourages communities to update their residential recycling programs to accept corrugated pizza boxes for recycling.

AF&PA members continue to invest in manufacturing infrastructure that will allow them to recycle even more paper-based products in the years ahead.

Source: AF&PA