Canfor delays decision on replacing closed sawmill in Houston until late July

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Canfor, a Canadian forestry company, has delayed its decision on whether to replace its closed sawmill in Houston until the end of July.

A new mill is expected to take two years to build, and would be focused on producing higher value products for customers like Home Depot, Lowe's, and clients in Japan. Canfor has also pledged to continue covering its portion of employee benefits during the transition period to the new mill if the decision is made to rebuild. Additionally, the company will extend seniority indefinitely to allow laid off workers to be recalled when the new mill is ready, and will assist apprentices during the layoff period.

Canfor is also exploring solutions to keep some capacity running at the pellet plant adjacent to the sawmill, including potentially sharing raw materials with other plants. The company has ruled out seeking government financial assistance for a new mill, as that could be seen as subsidizing the industry, but is advocating for government support of Indigenous nations who want to increase their participation in the local forest economy.

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