Carton Council of Canada Visits Key Recycling Partners Across North America

Posing in front of bales of Canadian cartons at Continuus Materials in Des Moines, from left to right: Jenn Robson, Cindy Coutts, Guy West, Isabelle Faucher, Marc Lower and Matt Spencer. Source: Carton Council of Canada

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The Carton Council of Canada (CCC) recently completed a series of visits to three major carton recycling facilities across North America, showcasing the industry's commitment to innovation and sustainability.

In Des Moines, Iowa, CCC Managing Director Isabelle Faucher, along with executives from Encorp Pacific and Alberta Beverage Container Recycling Corporation, toured Continuus Materials. This facility transforms post-consumer cartons into roof cover boards, processing approximately 10,000 tons of cartons annually. With high demand for their products, Continuus is already planning a second plant.

The next stop was Sustana's plant in De Pere, Wisconsin, where a newly installed 130-foot drying tower has revolutionized their operations. This upgrade allows the facility to produce dry pulp from recycled paper products, including Canadian-sourced cartons, significantly expanding their market reach.

Lastly, the CCC visited Sustana's Lévis facility in Quebec, accompanied by representatives from Innofibre, a cellulosic products innovation center. This visit focused on exploring new recycling applications for residual materials from carton repulping operations. Recent investments in new washers at this facility have notably improved the quality and yield of recovered fibers.

These visits underscore the dynamic growth and technological advancements in the carton recycling industry. As companies continue to invest in new technologies and expand their capabilities, the future of carton recycling looks promising, paving the way for more sustainable packaging solutions across North America.