Celebrating Earth Day by Being Part of the Change!

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Earth Day is a global day of action to protect and restore our environment. 

At J.D. Irving, Limited it's a year-round effort. Our operations are continuously working to minimize our footprint on air, land, and water. We also as well as invest in research and conservation with valued partners.

How are our teams doing their part?

Woodlands Division

It is about more than just trees for our Woodlands Division. Our focus is also on storing carbon, ensuring quality wildlife habitat, biodiversity, and clean water.

Tree planting is a core value for JDI and ensures that the forests we own or manage will be sustainable for generations to come. According to a study by Dr. Chris Hennigar of the University of New Brunswick, JDI's entire forest products value chain is carbon negative, absorbing more carbon than it emits. The trees we plant – more than one billion and counting – will absorb 40% more carbon and grow four times as fast as a natural stand, helping us to exceed international climate change targets. 

From replacing carbon intensive building materials and plastics, to providing green energy, to sequestering carbon through well managed forests, the woods are truly in our lives in a way that is more important than ever before. 


Source: JD Irving


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