Celebrating Global Biotech Week 2021

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Since it first began in Canada, Biotech Week has gained momentum in the United States, Australia and Europe as an opportunity to celebrate our collective global advances in the field of biotechnology.

Here on Canada's east coast, biotechnologies have been implemented across our operations to help increase efficiency, reduce our environmental footprint and create a future built on principles of sustainability.

Below are just a few of the exciting biotechnology projects J.D. Irving, Limited has led in recent years.

Irving Pulp & Paper – Ahead of Paris Climate Change Accord Targets:

The Pulp & Paper team has invested more than $140 million to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Since Canada's signing of the Paris Climate Accord in 2016, the Pulp & Paper Division has already met and exceeded the target set by Canada for 2030 by more than 20%. With a long-term strategy to reduce, reuse and recycle, the Pulp & Paper team is working towards a more sustainable tomorrow.

The reduction in greenhouse gas emissions has been fueled by moving toward renewable energy, energy reduction by using LED lighting throughout their sites and leading-edge technology that reduces their carbon footprint. This means the Pulp & Paper Division is well ahead of international targets and are on their way to meeting the 2050 goal of having an 80% reduction in emissions!

New Combined Heat & Power Unit:

The Irving Tissue plant in Toronto, Ontario completed the construction of a combined heat and power (CHP) facility in December 2020. The natural gas-fired turbine creates electricity for the plant, which converts waste heat into steam that is used to make tissue products and heat the building.

This CHP facility will reduce greenhouse gas emissions while also efficiently utilizing 70% - 80% of the heat generated by the plant in the process.

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Source: JD Irving


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