Engineers Share Four Surprising Lessons Learned from Internships

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The path from college to a full-time career is not always a straight line. Students who work as interns can get an early jump on their careers by gaining relevant on-the-job experience while still in school.

They can also apply real-world insights and lessons learned when they return to class, helping them excel in their programs.

Domtar offers college internships and co-op placements at its pulp and paper mills, as well as corporate offices in Fort Mill and Montréal, with a particular focus on engineers of all disciplines. Students are fully integrated into operations, working directly with management, and they are assigned mentors to maximize their learning experience. Domtar internships and the many lessons learned are steps toward a fulfilling engineering career at Domtar or elsewhere.

“Our internship and co-op program offer benefits for everyone involved,” says Kelley Crouch, an engineering services manager who has supervised interns throughout her 22-year career at Domtar. “Interns and co-ops add bench strength to our operations, bring new technology and ideas, and let the mill participate in the education of our future workforce.”

Crouch, who worked as a Domtar intern in 1997, recognizes how valuable these lessons learned can be. “Gaining exposure on projects and processes in the mill prepares students to assume productive roles upon graduation,” she says.

We spoke to a few current and former interns about lessons learned during their experiences at Domtar, and four themes emerged.


Source: Domtar


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