Four reasons to use paper-based eCommerce packaging

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The choices you make about your products' eCommerce packaging have implications that travel far beyond their customers' journey.

The moment of unboxing is often the first physical interaction an eCommerce brand has with a new customer – and that moment has the potential to make a significant and lasting impact. It's crucial for brands navigating today's competitive online climate to win over new shoppers and convert them into repeat customers. That's why the people responsible for making decisions about product packaging must educate themselves about these materials.‍

A product's inner packaging is a blank canvas that can (and should) be designed to tell your brand's specific story and help convey your value to the consumer. With nearly eight in 10 consumers reporting they value sustainability in a recent global study by IBM and the National Retail Federation, paper-based packaging should be in the mix. There are more innovative paper-based packaging solutions now than ever before, carrying with them the potential to deliver a myriad of benefits comprising sustainability, brand perception, and customer satisfaction.


Source: Seaman Paper


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