Historic photos of Corner Brook's paper mill — saved from the trash — see the light of day

This photo is from the construction of the Corner Brook paper mill. George French, archivist at the Corner Brook Museum and Archives, said it's the first time he's seen a photo of this portion of the mill under construction. (Corner Brook Museum and Archives)

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Sometimes, it's a split-second decision that changes the course of history — or, in the case of Alec Snelgrove, changes our view of history.

Thanks to Snelgrove and his family, 843 photos depicting the early years of Corner Brook and its paper mill are now in the safe keeping of the Corner Brook Museum and Archives. Snelgrove was a mill supervisor at the newsprint mill in Corner Brook in 1984 when the mill was sold by the Bowater Corporation to Kruger, the current owner.


Source: CBC News


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