Is digitalisation changing the paper industry?

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The increase in smart, wireless technology is all around us. It’s hard to imagine life without the internet on our phones or virtual assistants in our kitchens, helping us play music or add things to the shopping list. We’ve been exploring how has digitalisation impacted the paper industry.

At DS Smith we have a track record of innovation and leadership in our industry and we have been working with StepChange as well as other key partners to assist in the digitalisation of our organisation. We are already delivering new, smart ways of working that provide greater value for our business, our people and our customers, to help redefine packaging for a changing world.

The wheels of industry keep moving

Since the first industrial revolution, manufacturing has continuously adapted and evolved. Now we are enjoying a fourth industrial revolution – Industry 4.0 – focused on digitalisation, which will further boost our use of computers with smart and autonomous systems, fuelled by data and machine learning.


Source: DS Smith


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