More time needed for review of Northern Pulp pipeline proposal: community group

The Northern Pulp mill in Abercrombie, N.S. has to close its current effluent treatment facility by the end of January, 2020. Its proposed replacement would take an estimated 21 months to complete, if approved by the province. ZANE WOODFORD / STAR HALIFAX

Industry News

HALIFAX—A community group opposed to Northern Pulp’s plan to pump treated effluent into the Northumberland Strait is pressing the Nova Scotia government to give more time for the review of a report that claims there won’t be any significant, adverse environmental impacts.

Friends of the Northumberland Strait submitted a letter to Environment Minster Gordon Wilson Thursday morning requesting that he add another 30 days to the public consultation period for thousands of pages of new documents from Paper Excellence, the owners of the Northern Pulp kraft mill in Abercrombie, N.S. The letter also requests an extension to the internal review period.


Source: The Star


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